the best question decision in 2005’s hatena
Please choose your favorite question among the following questions registered in last age of the best question decision in 2005.
Please raise ten "Only this is put no matter it is not what" set of software when
you newly buy PC.
Why does "Impression as shed tears" exist only in the average of fiction and "Others'
Please teach if there is a method of to the hatred of a favorite person.
Please teach the following "It is possible to use it violently" sites.
It was glad this year.
It is a question to one where it likes reading. Please teach one that has a big
influence on your reading life.
Please teach "Site embarrassed because it is too useful for Dantots selected carefully"
in you.
The pronunciation and the origin of your ID. (
For instance, it is assumed that the stick that reached from the earth to the
Saturn was prepared.
Anything is good and answer, please. Everything is opened without fail without
fail and it distributes it evenly.
【The world is pacified 】